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private pro piano lessons
for kids and adults students with Kay Lang

“Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.”   I love this quote by...

One day a woman asked the mom of one of my youngest students, "What does your son love to do?"  And mom answered...

Proud Member of MTNA, FSMTA , and The Palm Beach County MTA

Experts noted a long time ago that when a person has any kind of hobby, he/she becomes more ...

At the end of each lesson, when I see that my student is happy because he has learned something new and become more...

Piano Lessons

for Kids of All Ages

Piano Lessons

for Kids Age 4 and Up

Pro Piano Lessons

for  Advanced Students

My experience and  professionalism  allows me to work  with anyone - young kids through adults - at any skill and  level. Lessons are  enjoyable, built on a solid

technical foundation, inspire creativity, and match each individual's goals.

Piano Lessons

for Adults