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Book 2contains 107 colorful pages, 80 piano songs,  rhythms exercises, and 68 audio tracks. You can download the tracks here (part 1 and part 2) for free. "My Piano Time" Book 2 focusing on articulations Legato, Staccato, Tenuto, Accents, how to read notes on the Grand Staff, understanding patterns of melodies and rhythm, including Eighths Notes and Incomplete Measures. Book 2 represents such important subjects for young beginners as Intervals, Tonic, Chords, Tempo, Time Signatures, Keys Signatures, Solfeggio, and more. After graduation of this book, you can use any Classical and Contemporary Repertoire for kids Elementary/Late Elementary Level.  "My Piano Time" method has wonderful supplemental materials that will help  students to become acquainted with all topics quickly and successfully. 

ISBN 978-0-9972585-7-8. Copyright@2018 by Kay Lang. All  Rights Reserved.


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​​​​​"My Piano Time” method is a series of two books with supplemental materials created by Mrs. Kay Lang.  Book 1 explains the main principles of playing the piano, including exercises to build correct hand position, an introduction to groups of 2 and 3 black keys, registers, playing by rote before learning notes on the Staff, how to read notes on the Staff, a presentation of the Grand Staff, rhythm, non-legato touch, and explanations to encourage interest in learning music in further. Also from the very first lesson, the student will be accustomed to seeing notes written with accidentals, so that they will not be overwhelmed by them in the future.  

This series is suitable for kids age 4 to 8 or for any age you feel appropriate and can be used as the main method book or in conjunction with any other piano method books. “My Piano Time” Book 1 contains a lot of music, a lot of tasks, and a lot of fun for children who want to play the piano with passion, for their parents, who are ready to help their child have piano time happy and organized, and for teachers who would like to make their piano lessons creative and interesting.

Book 1contains 85 colorful pages, 61 songs, rhythm exercises, and 33 audio tracks. You can download the tracks here for free. Watch videos about "My Piano Time" here.  ​Shipping in different countries (not USA) will be calculated according to Post Office's prices ​in these countries.

​ISBN 978-0-9972585-7-8. Copyright@2016 by Kay Lang. All Rights Reserved.