(digital instant download)​


(digital instant download)​


High quality double sided cards with 16 images total will make your lessons successful and your students confident from the first steps. Multitasking cards are for an intro to Reading notes on the Grand Staff, understanding line-space patterns, recognizing melodies by ear, solfeggio, and writing notes on the Staff. 



My Piano Plush Toy 


Absolutely great and useful training balls for sensing grasping fingertip motion. After using these grasping balls, you will see the difference in touching the keys immediately. Please watch the video how to use the Piano Grasping Balls here

Piano Grasping Balls are made from fitting rubber material and are safe for kids.




Workbook for "My Piano Time" Book 1 (Digital Download. Studio License)

33 pages with Exercises, including 7 Manuscript

Papers with Large Staff. Please, watch the video:


These Balls are perfect for training fingertips and firm little joints. You

will see a difference in pressing the keys

correctly! Students love

to work with these safe material fingertip balls from the very first lesson. 


private pro piano lessons
for kids and adults students with Kay Lang

High quality gloss stickers which will like any student of your Piano Studio!

Set of Cards with 4 Images


Training Fingertips Balls

                        (Set of 2)


High quality gloss cards with images.

​​​​​​​​This exclusive patented two side toy is only available from doremiforme.com, and was created ​to help students with the sensation

of touching the keyboard.  As an educator you will immediately see the difference how students become comfortable with the proper touch of the keys of the piano with My Piano Toy. The size of this plush toy and the shape of a grand piano is perfect for the young student to hold in their young hand. ​​The toy is made from certified safe materials. Each toy has individual pack.

This cute glow-in-the-dark wristband is sized perfectly to match students and their teachers. With this educational toy, it is easy to memorize and repeat the musical Alphabet in any order, or to cross out letters of the Alphabet that the student knows how to find on the keyboard. This wristband is made from 100% silicone (latex-free) that won't fade, flake, or break. Its gel-like texture makes it comfortable for everyday wear and is safe for kids. 

Wristband for Students and Teachers

$2.50(1 wristband in individual pack)

Workbook for "My Piano Time" Book 2 (Digital Download. Studio License)

43 pages with Exercises, including 6 Manuscript Papers with Large Staff.Please, watch the video:


Cards with Images (Set of 2 two-sides cards, total 16 images)

Stickers (Set of 12)


Set of Grasping Balls (Set of 3)



Piano Coloring Sheets

Perfect activity for developing students' creativity and imagination (A4 size, PDF format, perfectly matches for a binder). Studio License.